The optimization of SEO

An important part of the redesign or website creation . Internet referencing is based on an editorial strategy , an optimization work on page , the code and the markup of the contents, but also on a choice of positioning in the web environment of your sector of activity. The goal of SEO is a better positioning of the pages of the site on the search engines .

From the definition of the semantic fields and the keywords of your web pages, until the choice of the parameters of your CMS, I accompany you throughout a process of production of the contents, optimization SEO of your articles and web pages and tracking the positioning of your website, in order to improve your SEO .

Early definition of your audience and your web content:

The information collected during the project analysis phase allows me to identify the themes and semantic fields specific to your professional activity , as well as to search for important keywords for your SEO . We build together, from the design phase, a content tree and an information structure that can highlight your expertise. We develop a referencing plan to produce information for the targeted audience and ensure you a quality traffic that is able to meet the objectives of your website .

Editorial content, writing and optimization for natural referencing:

A strategy of SEO ( SEO ) involves creating a quality editorial content , comprehensive, and as attractive as possible in order to attract new visitors to the site. Based on your own industry expertise and keyword research , we provide tips and instructions to help you write your pages and then optimize them . We proceed in case of need to the editorial editorial of your pages and your articles.

Optimization and tagging of pages:

Throughout the process of creation or redesign of the site, we exchange with you the contents until obtaining a result allowing a good SEO . We correct your writings, we write the contents at your request, and we proceed to the optimization of your pages and articles as well as their markup (works SEO ) to create the conditions favorable to a better positioning in the pages of results of the engines of research ( SERP ).

SEO and search for backlinks:

The creation of external links ( backlinks ) pointing to your site is very important. You must be able to establish a relationship with similar or complementary players in your industry by producing unique editorial content that sets you apart from your competitors. We help you to identify the actors who can bring you quality incoming links and write content related to your clients’ requests.

WordPress is often called “SEO friendly” CMS , and many topics in the market display a desire for SEO optimization that should be noted.

But the platform, by the richness and the variety of the types of contents proposed, can also be a problem for the natural referencing of the site (first of which the inevitable duplicate content , or “duplicated content” complicating the indexation or the positioning of your site).

The choice of system parameters, the implementation or development of dedicated plugins, the modification of WordPress theme templates and specific SEO optimization allow us to offer a powerful and optimized website for SEO .

I put at your service my expertise of WordPress to help you to put forward your company thanks to contents and a code of quality in order to allow you to obtain, in the time, better positions in the pages of results of the search engines .