8 simple games to Play in the holiday season

Family playing with Christmas presents:

The holiday season is the time for gifts, good food and hot chocolates by the fire, but it is also the best time to spend good time and have fun with family and friends. Here are eight simple games that require neither Internet signal nor learned preparation. At your games, ready? Have fun!

The game of description:
A very simple and frankly fun game when family and friends are together. We put the name of each guest in a bowl. Each person draws a piece of paper and must then, in turn, describe in four qualifiers the person whose name he has just drawn. The rest of the group must guess who it is. Possible variations: describe the person in 4 faults, 4 situations (fun or embarrassing) lived, 4 favorite activities, 4 friends, 4 cars, 4 animals he has owned, 4 countries visited … You must use imagination!

The two make a pair:

Teams are formed and the person who has prepared the list of objects becomes the leader of the game. He gives two words. Teams must find two points in common between the two words as quickly as possible. (For example: car and golf ball: both roll and may be white). Several answers are then possible. The first team to provide the most sensible answer makes a point.

Who is silent consents:

The goal of the game is simple: get rid of all his cards during the evening. The course? The master of ceremonies gives each guest 3 boxes when they arrive. On each of them, a different word will be inscribed. Players will then have to bring one or more participants to pronounce the word on their three cards. All while normally chatting during the evening. When the person arrives there, they must give their card to the person who pronounces the word. The big winner will be the one who has managed to get rid of all his cards (the 3 received at the start and those he will have collected during the evening). The host will be able to offer him a gift or better, give a goofy punishment to the one who will finish the evening with the greatest number of cards.

The game of songs:

Simple, but always appreciated by all guests, the “DJ” of the evening will make the debut of known songs to his guests who will have to guess the name of the performer and / or the song as soon as possible. Possible variations: choose songs by epoch (80s, 90s, 2000s), languages ​​(French, Quebec, English, Spanish) or styles (hip-hop, country, Pop, rock).

The eternal puzzles:

Because it is always fun to break your head in a group during a holiday party, many websites are full of puzzles to solve (for example: http://www.une-enigme.com/ ). Books grouping pages of riddles classified by degree of difficulty are also easily found in bookstores.

Pass the carrot (or the orange, or the candle):

Fun game for children and adults alike, it only requires an object in equipment fees: a carrot, an orange or a candle. Standing in a circle, the players must pass the carrot from one to another using their knees (and without their hands) without escaping. The next player must grab the carrot by the knees and pass it to his neighbor in the same way. Those who make the carrot fall are eliminated. A game that kids playing with adults always find very funny. Possible variant: Pass the chosen object by wedging it between the chin and the chest or the shoulder and the head.

The alarm clock:

A small variant of the famous musical chair, it is an alarm clock set to ring loudly that will replace the music that is stopped randomly. The course of the game remains the same: players spend the alarm clock quickly while it rings. The player who has the alarm clock in his hand when he stops ringing is eliminated.

The log:

A Christmas game that requires a log is not a concept? Placed in a circle around a log, players are all held by the hand. At the signal, the players must move so that someone drops the log. The player who comes into contact with the log in spite of himself will be excluded from the circle and we will start again until only the last two players remain. Possible variant: it can be decided that two players who will release their hands during the game will also be driven out of the circle.